One Hat To Rule Them All

We all wear many different “hats.” Some of mine are: husband, dad, son, brother, friend, pastor, counselor, speaker, writer, and Chicago Bear fan. There are other hats that I put on from time-to-time as well. Sometimes I have to put on the Mr. Fix-it hat to take on a repair or the referee hat to take on my kids’ disagreements. The point is, we each have different hats that we wear in different situations. The question then becomes, what is the common thread that weaves through all of those different identities? Some of you may have noticed that I did not include a Christian hat. That was not an oversight. My identity as a follower of Jesus Christ is not a hat that I put on to come to church on Sunday and Wednesday. My identity as a follower of Jesus Christ is that which defines how I will live as I wear any of these other hats. To borrow from J.R.R. Tolkien, it is one hat to rule them all.

We are a resurrection people.

Everything else we do and are hinges on the fact that we are a resurrection people. This is not about celebrating the holiday of Easter, but about being a resurrection people every day of the year. We are transformed and renewed by the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ! We are given new life and we are empowered to live as a part of the Kingdom of God! We are called to carry forth this resurrection hope-a message of new life-no matter which hat we might be wearing at the moment.
My identity as a part of the resurrection people, informs how I will be a husband, dad, son, brother, friend, pastor, counselor, speaker, writer, and even a Chicago Bear fan. There is no part of my life that is left unaffected. There is nothing that I hold in reserve. I am a resurrection person through-and-through.

Resurrection Hope

During this time of pandemic, as we pray, we know that we are calling upon the One who has defeated sin, death, and the gates of Hell itself through the power of the resurrection and now that power is at work in us. As we look at the pain and suffering that is all around us—fear, illness, grief over lost loved ones, and economic loss—we know that we follow the risen Jesus who is the answer to all the hurt. He is the one we are calling on and we are therefore confident in his ability to answer and bring healing. As long as we have our eyes on Jesus and remember our identity as a resurrection people, there is hope even in these seemingly hopeless times.

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